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Final Year Projects Currently (UET Session 2012)

1. PM Brushless Motor based E-Bike with Regenerative Braking
(Project Page)
(Wahab, Ahmad, Nabeel, Zaigham)

2. 11KV Distribution Feeder Remote Web Monitoring and Data Analysis
(Project Page)
   (Waqas, Arsalan, Zartaz)

3. Array Integrated Converter (AIC) wi
th Grid Sharing at DC Level (Battery) for Isolated Loads (Project Page)   (Zawar, Zain)

4. HERIC & H5 based 500 W Inverter for Topologies Comparison (Project Page Under Construction)
  (Haider, Nauman, Imran)


Final Year Projects Supervised Previously

1. Single Phase Induction Motor Drive (Frequency method) (UET-2008)  (Project Report)

2. PLC Based DC Motor Drive (UET-2008)

3. Run-off River Power Generation (1kW) (LUMS-2012)

4. Transformer-less Inverter (UET-2005)

5. V-shaped Sensor Based Solar Tracking (UET-2004)

6. Module Integrated Converter for PV Off Grid System (Block Diagram) (UET-2009)

7. SCADA Implementation & Control (UET 2009)

8. 2-Axis Solar Tracker using MEMS (KICS - CS Dept) (UET-2009)

9.  Magnetically Levitated Train Model (UET 2009)

10. Three - Phase Power Measurement Unit (UET 2009)

11. Fire Fighting Robot (FFR) (UET 2010)

12. Sun Solar Simulator
(UET 2010)

13. Solar MIC 3-Phase Integrated with Grid 
(UET 2010)

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