Module Integrated Converter for PV Off Grid & On Grid System

Group Members: (Session 2009, 2010-EED, 2009-CS)

Daniyal Pervez      2009-EE-151                           Bilal  Ahmed          2009-EE-157

Saadi Tariq           2009-EE-143                           Junaid Ehsan        2009-EE-161

Mamoon Rizwan   2010-EE-200                           Momina Rehman  2010-EE-113

Mishqat Anjum                                                   Anum Tariq

Important Note: This Group is Going no-Where HAPHAZARD PROGRESS

Project Documentation:

Block Diagram of the Project (by Mamoon)

Project Proposal   (by Mamoon)

PCB Help Files:

PSPICE MODEL of IR2103 (for Daniyal)

Altium Protel Library (Packages)   (for Bilal & Momina)

Altium Schematic + PCB Library  (for Bilal & Momina)


Evaluation Chart for Overall Progress


14th March 2013